About Tanya O’Conner

It is always difficult to talk about the self, I get lost in my work when I pick up a pencil. However it cannot be called work, as work is classified as not being pleasant. I enjoy every drawing I start with, every sketch I send off contains soo much of my soul and being. Some of them accompanied by tears, some by laughter but all of them by learning and going towards places I’ve never been.

I’ve been sketching since I was five, and when I celebrated my 11th birthday my sketching became my therapy. Thirty years ago there were very few cures to be found for depression and my mom had severe bouts of it.

Throughout my life art has carried me and healed me, helping me to find peace without asking questions, giving me moments that would lift me up and helped me to get up.

In 2010 my first book Hallo Lewe (Hello Life) was published and in 2013, 2014 and 2015, three colouring books for grown ups were available on the shelves. Kom, kleur in , Kom, kleur saam in and Colour Brings Hope (specifically put together for cancer survivors.

But my most precious work, one that made me experience supreme and sublimity is COLOUR IN THERAPY. The sketches done over two days of complete pleasure, heartache, remembrance, sadness, joy and absolute self discovery and discipline.

For me this is epitome of my art and I believe that I can only grow more each day on this journey with pen and paper.

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